Hot Canadian – Marko Lebeau

This week we bring you Marko Lebeau directly from Montreal, Canada.  Beefy, hairy, masculine and kind are a few words that come to mind as I write this blog post.  I actually met Marko almost a year before we actually got to work together.  It was in West Hollywood at a little outdoor cafe that we first met and from that day we had kept in touch.  Once I started shooting scenes for High Performance Men, Marko was one of the first guys who contacted me wanting to be part of the site.  He is a very sexually liberated young man and he certainly knows how to put on the charm.  Anyway, it took us quite a while to finally work out all the logistics, but several months ago we were able to meet up and the results are a sizzling hot solo video.  Did I mention his eyes?  Deep blue, almost like the sea!  WOOF!

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