Ricky Larkin Uses Toy & Eats Cum for 1st Time!

We are thrilled to have Ricky Larkin joining us here at High Performance Men after a couple years absence from the porn scene.  During this time away, he went from handsome jock to hirsute beefy man!  Ricky has been working hard on his body and it certainly shows.  Muscles, Hairy, Beefy, Hung, Hot Ass…. Ummm what else can we say about Ricky?  OK, yes he is a super cool guy too.  We were honored that he agreed to do his 1st ever “ass play” scene for our cameras.  Why did he do it?  As he says, “I feel 100% comfortable shooting with Gio Caruso and he has always been amazing to work with.  I have worked with many directors in the business and Gio is a favorite for sure.”  Those words are a nice testament to our sites founder and creator.  Of course Ricky is quite amazing himself too…just check out some of these photos!

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